Malaysian Astrological Society is the first Vedic Astrology society in Malaysia. It has been established since 1972 by Mr. Sabapathy Thirunavuk Arasu.

Our Moto

The Motto of the Society shall be Enlightenment Via Vedic Astrology.

Our Objectives

The Objects of the Society shall be:

To propagate, promote, study and to be research in astrological subjects.

To establish classes and educate those interested in Astrology and kindred subjects.

To organise meetings, conferences, locally and at international level.

To invite men of learning to attend and teach at meetings, conferences and lectures.

To send representatives abroad to attend similar meetings, conferences and lectures at international level.

To publish Journals, newsletters, pamphlets, books and other literature connected with astrology and to preserve such as copy right for the benefit of the society.

To assist students of astrology to go abroad and study in universities or centres where astrology is a subject in its curriculum.

To give, grant, issue or bestow on Astrology students and astrologers, certificates and other tokens and distinctions in recognition of their skill, knowledge and standing. Such tokens or distinctions may be awarded upon a validated course of study, assessment examination or thesis or an advanced honours course.

To construct, acquire, fully hire, lease, grant, sell or mortgage any movable or immovable properties in furtherance of the objects of the society, and receive, borrow or invest money, or lend money for any of the objects of the society or to incorporate and to have shares in such companies as society may authorise. Prior authorization to act on the above matters shall be obtained first from members at the General Meeting.

To enter into affiliation with institutions of higher learning, academic organizations subscribing to similar objects.