Welcome to the Website of Malaysian Astrological Society (MAS).  

MAS was established in 1966 and registered as a Society on 16th September 1972. The Society aims to share and disseminate Vedic and Esoteric knowledge among members and friends interested in the subject. It is a platform for joint discussions, sharing of information and exploring new findings. 

To promote the study and research in Vedic Astrology and associated subjects, MAS from time to time will conducts Astrology Classes, hosts talks, forums and workshops; coffee sessions discussions to pique interest and expand our knowledge base. MAS has also hosted both local and International Speakers and Gurus in workshops and talks such as KP Astrology, Astarvarga, Vastu, Rudrashas, Tarot, Eclipses in Astrology, Tarabalam, Black Moon Lilith, Energy Healing, Past Life Regression and many others.

In recent months, we have established a working collaboration with Express Star Teller to allow us to reproduce with permission the published articles of Mr. R.S. Maniam, an esteemed member of MAS who has contributed vastly to the understanding of the Vedic Science.   His articles are reproduced here for your reading pleasure. We are also in the midst of publishing our E-Magazine, Astrological Perspective and we hope to bring that to you soon.

This website is a ‘work-in-progress’ and while we do the necessary housekeeping, we hope you will stay awhile and explore the many exciting articles and activities that we have lined up.


Ms. Elizabeth Khoo

Acting President of MAS 2020 to 2022