Senior Disciple of Swami Bramma Sri Sivananda Maharaj, Spiritual Master.

Appreciated by Satya Sai Baba as Divine astrologer.

Academic History of Speaker: B, Soc. Sc. (Hons) University Sains Malaysia(USM)- Major Political   Science( 2nd Class Upper  Division), ’Diploma in Medicine Assistance’, Certificate in Health Management (Personnel), Certificate in Quality Assessment

Astrological Background: 40 Yrs in Vedic Astrology, Special Interest : Iching/ Numerology/ Palmistry.

Awards: 2010 – Nostradamus Award from Express Star Teller Magazine, Pingat Bakthi – (Royal Kelantan Award), Three times Khidmat Cemerlang (Excellent performance in Civil Service),

Extensive interview published in EST December 2006,  August 2011  two awards Jothida Archarya & Jothida Gaurav (Asian Astrologers Congress), Jothida Kalaimani (Malaysian Astrological Society at the 13th International Asian Astrologers Conference in August 2011.

Service: Astrology Consultation, Organiser Lakshmi Mantralaya (Temple Of Satguru)

Sadhana : Meditation / Pooja Mantra Chanting/ Spiritual Discourse / Mantric Practice